hi there, this is me, emily 

i know that i do not know all of you, nor will i ever get the chance to know all of you, BUT i want to give you a chance to get to know me. so, i thought i would share a little bit about myself : 

- i am a twenty year old city girl stuck living in the suburbs // dreaming of the day i can be stuck in the big city. 

- words and pictures are almost my own language // they tell a story that, often times, my speech can not portray. 

- my life is not perfect, nor is it anywhere close to perfect // but, in its imperfect state, it is magnificent. 

- i am a little too obsessed with coffee and flowers //  favorite coffee drink: lavender latte / favorite flower: peonies and baby's-breath. 

- i have a lovely fourteen year old sister who is probably one of the most precious human beings i have ever met // not to mention my wonderful mom and dad who are my rock and amazing people. 


my travel wishlist : 

help me check some of these off!!! 

- joshua tree national park

- bell mountain 

- willamette national forest

- cannon beach

- la push 

- hurricane ridge 

- chautauqua park 

- olympic national forest 

- gran teton national park 

- runyon canyon 

- painted hill 

- white sands national monument