Hey, Emily here


I am an adventurous, romantic taking on the photography world, one couple at a time. My favorite thing about this industry is the fact that every single couple I shoot, has a different love story and they are all so breathtaking!!! 

I have lived in Georgia my entire life, but I have always had a burning desire to travel the world and visit big cities. I wasn't always interested in photography, BUT when I began this photography journey, the desire to travel the world turned into a desire to capture love stories all over the world. The mountains are stunning, the water is peaceful, the woods are dreamy, BUT insert a couple into those scenic locations and THAT is what I live to capture. 

Needless to say, adventures, capturing love stories, and seeing the world are the three things I long to do.  

So, first two  fun facst about me are that I hate talking about myself and I am super awkward in front of the camera. I may be able to take the photos, but you put me in front of the camera and I lose all sense of what to do. 

A few more things that you should know : I have a slight addiction to coffee and sitting in a coffee shop while editing is where you can find me most days. I absolutely love doughnuts ... truly, they are by far my favorite food. My favorite part about traveling is being in the airport (I am really not sure why, but I just love airports). Before I became a full-time photographer, I was a full-time nanny for 4 years. Crazy, but true, I never went to college and have never been on a school bus. 

Now that you know some super random facts about me, I would absolutely love to get to know you and your love story!!!




looking forward to chatting